Policy Analysis: Investment, Policy
Horizon 2020 Special Coverage
The Innovation Connection - The 2014 Science|Business Summit
The 2014 Science|Business Summit will bring together leaders from research, industry and policy to debate current future trends needed to unleash Europe's technological potential.
Berlin - 07 October 2014
So you want to start a company?
A workshop on forming a university spin-out company. Jointly organised by Science|Business and ASTP Proton as part of the ESOF conference.
Copenhagen - 25 June 2014
ACES Selection Committee
The Academic Enterprise Awards (ACES) Selection Committee meets to short list the finalists of the 2014 awards.
Copenhagen - 23 June 2014
The value(s) of science
With Europe’s biggest-ever research programme, Horizon 2020, now underway, Science|Business gathered several leaders in European research, industry and policy to debate the ethical questions that may arise. Their reflections, gathered here, are part of a Science|Business effort...
Parliament pushes for more solidarity in EU science funding

It’s wrong that the lion’s share of research money goes to countries that already have the best science. Funds should be redistributed to build a “stairway to excellence” for all member states, says ITRE

Lambert van Nistelrooij MEP says it is unacceptable that most EU research funding goes to the richer member states

A key committee in the European Parliament is pushing the European Commission to distribute research funding more evenly across the member states in a move that would put a bigger emphasis on solidarity.

In its first session after the summer break on 30 August, the European Parliament’s committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) adopted a report with amendments, on a European Commission Green Paper1 that seeks to create a common framework for EU research programmes such...

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