The Innovation Connection - The 2015 Science|Business Summit

Provisional date: 17 November 2015

The Innovation Connection - The 2014 Science|Business Summit

The 2014 Science|Business Summit brought together leaders from research, industry and policy to debate how to best unleash Europe’s technological potential.

The Summit also recognised excellence in innovation by celebrating the achievements of visionary entrepreneurs, top universities, and corporate champions featured in the 6th Academic Enterprise Awards (ACES).

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The Innovation Awards
Global Innovation Award
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Europe must embrace disruptive innovation to produce global tech giants
Incremental innovation won’t do, experts say. At stake is leadership in life sciences, transportation, infrastructure and communications technologies
Licensing and patents are an untapped source of cash for young companies
Selling ‘knowledge assets’ can help fund growth and lend start-ups credibility with investors. As China educates a new generation of innovators about intellectual property, Europe needs to raise its game.
ACES winner dials up literacy rates in Africa
A low-cost text message programme to help young people improve their English language skills won the Science|Business inaugural Global Innovation Award earlier this month. Its founder, Elvis Austins, spells out how he got here and what comes next
ACES Life Sciences winner InSphero adds a new dimension to toxicity testing of drugs
InSphero’s breakthrough in generating 3D cell models of human organs at scale for use in toxicity screens attracted potential customers to invest in proving the technology. Now all the top ten pharma companies are users
What are universities in Europe doing to teach entrepreneurship?
Educators from four countries shared some stories of how methods for nurturing entrepreneurs are changing, at the Science|Business Innovation Connection Summit
ACES winner akvolution has new, energy-efficient way of preparing water for desalination
Akvolution’s technology combines two different pre-treatment processes in one, cutting the cost of desalination by 25%
Oxford University start-up poised for EU approval of trailblazing medical software
There’s a five hour window to reduce the effects of a stroke by removing the blood clot that caused it. ACES winner Brainomix has automated the assessment of brain scans, increasing confidence in diagnosis and informing treatment decisions
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