Juncker’s “last-chance saloon” Commission approved
With some eleventh hour tweaks, Juncker’s team, complete with a new Commissioner for Energy Union, gets over the line
ACES winner akvolution has new, energy-efficient way of preparing water for desalination
Akvolution’s technology combines two different pre-treatment processes in one, cutting the cost of desalination by 25%
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Binary Times: Analogue Europe is holding all of us back
Regrets, she has a few, but the real fault lies with politicians that remain tied to an analogue mind-set. The result is a two-speed Europe, says Neelie Kroes as she retires as Digital Commissioner – to be replaced by three men
Harnessing the fantastic power of students
Forget the theory: students are inspired by problem-solving and turning know-how into entrepreneurship. Even dissent is a focus for innovation, says John Einar Hustad of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Unlocking the potential of crowdfunding
Europe’s SMEs are starved of cash. Crowdfunding represents a potential way to overcome some of the fragmentation of Europe’s capital markets and improve access to financing for start-ups, says Karen Wilson of the policy thinktank Bruegel
ACES winner akvolution has new, energy-efficient way of preparing water for desalination
Akvolution’s technology combines two different pre-treatment processes in one, cutting the cost of desalination by 25%
Lockheed Martin reveals plans to build small-scale fusion reactor
Murmurs of excitement but many scientists are cool on aerospace giant’s claim it can deliver fusion reactor in a decade – if it can get external funding
EU health directorate to retain oversight of medicines
MEPs, consumer and patient groups claim victory in broad lobbying effort

KTH: Robot project envisions factories where more people want to work
Rather than taking jobs, robots will one day soon join people on the factory floor, as co-workers and collaborators. That’s the...
Politecnico di Milano on international magazines: two research studies published on "Science" and "Nature"
A group made by Politecnico di Milano researchers, thanks to the use of extremely short light pulses, has observed for the...
University of Luxembourg: Cushing’s Syndrome: LCSB researchers characterise a new tumour syndrome
Scientists at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) of the University of Luxembourg have published their findings that mutations in...

Helping Europe Innovate
Science|Business Innovation Board AISBL Annual Report 2012-2013
A Grace Period for Patents
Could it help European universities innovate?
Inside the mind of European academic entrepreneurs
Perceptions of ACES finalists about the process of science entrepreneurship

Helping Europe Innovate
The Annual Report 2013-2014 is a summary of the activites of the Science|Business Innovation Board over the past year. The Science|Business...
The Renewable Power Dilemma
Europe is determined to lead the world in the shift to green energy. A key policy goal in the European Commission’s...
The value(s) of science
With Europe’s biggest-ever research programme, Horizon 2020, now underway, Science|Business gathered several leaders in European research, industry and policy to debate...
Small companies, big ideas: How intellectual property helps SME's grow
Dynamic small companies are a key to driving economic growth; that much we all know. But what helps those companies grow? For a technologybased company, one answer is obvious: The ideas on which they found the company. In short, their intellectual property.
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iMinds The Conference 2014 (Partner Event)
iMinds The Conference is Brussels' #1 annual conference on digital innovation, targeted at researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, industry and policy decision-makers.
Square - Brussels Meeting Centre - 23 October 2014
The EU Energy Challenge: Can innovation fill the gap?
The EU’s transition to a sustainable energy system is a top policy challenge of the coming decade. Though much progress has been achieved, the pace of change is too slow.
Square - Brussels Meeting Centre - 14 November 2014
Aalto University Academic Summit (Partner Event)
The summit will focus on how universities contribute in creating knowledge societies thereby facilitating economic development, job creation and well-being.
Espoo, Finland - 18 November 2014
Horizon 2020 – New Commission, new Agenda
The 2015 Science|Business Horizon 2020 Conference
Brussels - 24 March 2015
5G@Europe Summit 2014 (Partner Event)
We bring the world’s leading mobile network experts to Munich – The 5G@Europe Summit (5G ES) aims to foster debate and provide a forum for sharing ideas regarding the mobile communications of the future.
Innovative regions: How can the EU support regional growth?
A high-level conference with Johannes Hahn, EU Regional Policy Commissioner
From Lab to Market: Horizon 2020 - and how the EU can advance innovation
A Science|Business conference followed by the first annual Science|Business lecture