news How to buy more health

Harvard economist Michael Porter argues that, to improve performance, healthcare systems need to measure not what goes in, but what comes out. A movement to focus more on such ‘patient outcomes’ is gathering speed in Europe

news Innovative Medicines Initiative says its early goals being met

A new analysis says EU’s €3.3B pre-competitive drug research programme is delivering highly-rated science, levering in private money and creating new partnerships. But the full socio-economic benefits are yet to come

news EU Commission faces call to resign over failure to regulate hormone-disrupting chemicals

A second no-confidence motion laid down by fringe members of the Parliament against the Juncker Commission is certain to fail – but it raises pressure on the executive over long-awaited criteria for risky chemicals

news Brexit would remove vital prop to UK research, says new study

Science funding from the EU supports world-class science in Britain and masks weak investment from the government

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Learn to analyse the European political context of your Funding Call, and how to develop a credible political/societal ‘story-line’ for your project.



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viewpoints Time to re-think public support for innovation in Europe

The EU still has not learned basic lessons about innovation from its US competition. Professors Gunnar Landgren and Ramon Wyss, both instrumental in the formation of EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities, explain how to remedy the European innovation paradox

viewpoints We need to radically overhaul antibiotic R&D, says superbug review

The world needs a global plan to tackle antimicrobial resistance. Alongside a $2B fund to jump-start innovation there should be a $1B reward for companies when a new antibiotic is launched, says Jim O’Neill, chair of the review

viewpoints European universities are pessimistic about their room to innovate

As US universities expand into Asia and the Middle East, a survey of 47 heads of higher education reveals frustration at the pace of change in Europe. So are European institutions innovating enough to remain competitive?

viewpoints EU Commission should stay away from cloud computing

The proposed multibillion-euro science cloud could become an expensive drain, like the Galileo satellite navigation project, fears Swedish MEP Christofer Fjellner

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report The EIC: Breaking through, scaling up

In this report, for presentation to the Commissioner at the annual Science|Business Horizon 2020 conference on 16 February 2016 in Brussels,...

report The Knowledge Future: Intelligent policy choices for Europe 2050

This report elaborates on challenges and opportunities that three "Megatrends" - globalization, demographic change and technological change - represent for Europe’s...

report Creating a virtuous circle in technology transfer - The case of KU Leuven

Leading research universities around the world are becoming powerful engines of innovation. The most successful institutions generate tens or even hundreds...

report The impact of high-growth entrepreneurship policy in Finland

This report explores the effectiveness of Finland’s high-growth entrepreneurship policy: whether or not this policy has helped mitigate money and skills gaps in the Finnish entrepreneurial ecosystem, thereby helping new firms grow.

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event How to maintain and improve EU Industrial Competitiveness (Partner event)

A reality check with the nickel and the surface engineering industrial value chain

European Parliament - 60 Rue Wiertz, 1047 Bruxelles - 01 June 2016

event Trends, Wishes and Dreams: Symposium on Detection and Imaging Technologies (Partner Event)

An event organised by the ATTRACT Consortium

ESADE Business School, Barcelona - 30 June 2016

event How to innovate towards a circular economy? (TBC)

A Science|Business Network event

Brussels - 21 September 2016

event Research strategies: Planning for a future EU framework?

A Science|Business Network event

Brussels - 12 October 2016

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Science|Business Network

network KU Leuven concludes agreement with 6 Central European universities

In the coming years, KU Leuven will partner with six universities in Budapest, Ljubljana, and Prague. “Rough diamonds,” according to Rector Rik Torfs: “We can help them realise their potential.”

network GE Healthcare and Uppsala BIO form a new partnership

GE Healthcare Life Sciences continues to invest in Uppsala. The company signs a two-year collaboration agreement with Uppsala BIO

network Karolinska Institutet researcher Tore Curstedt up for EPO lifetime achievement award

Tore Curstedt at Karolinska Institutet’s Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery has been nominated by the European Patent Office for a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2016 European Inventor Award ceremony for his work with 'Curosurf'

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